Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is Annabelle, welcoming you to the Birthday Weekends blog post. She hung out on my couch a little bit during birthday weekend. She cute. She fine. (name that quote. here's a clue: MTV)

This is Macaroni (giraffe) and the elephant who doesn't have a name yet. The Elephant is Maddie's birthday present. Amanda is a crochet genius.

I made an apple pie. I only took one bite- the apples were weird. Everyone else said the apples weren't weird but I thought they were. Making pie crust is fun..not scary!

Amanda gave me a crochet lesson. I have a braid in my hair-inspired by twister Manda. (twister, get it "twin sister" nerdy, I know)

This weekend: Maddie's birthday party! Here is Lena all pumped up about her Leapster and Maddie chilling in her cutie watermelon shirt.

Lena...concentration. She is wearing her Halloween costume over her Sunday Best. Preshi+++


I just saw a movie preview for a Disney movie with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift as the actresses. Dream.come.true.

Guess what? I have an interview next Wednesday. =)

PS: I was given ~7 boxes of fabric this weekend. Tereza and I sifted through it all and consolidated to two big boxes of fabric. Jen's grandma gave it to me- sweeeeeeeet grandma Faye.

PPS: We are in Louisville looking for a place to live. All I have to say is I wish people valued cleanliness like we do. There is something out there, we know it!


  1. haha is that a reference to us and our dirty apartment?

  2. No WAY! We liked your apartment a lot! Your landlord hasn't called us back =(

  3. yaaaaay!!!!! you're moving to Louisville!!!!!!!! then me you and Tereza (and Amanda when she's in town) can all get together and sew!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. "my girlfriend, she cute, she fine" - two a days. duH!!! HAAHAHHA

    Lena is cracking me up in the picture of her with the leapster. she is hilarious. come visit me!!

  5. I love all the pics! Too cute!

  6. loving the blog you two twinnies! i am sad to say that i just found out you had it. i spent a while catching up on some older posts. yeah for Louisville!