Friday, March 20, 2009


Today is the First Day of Spring people.  I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.  
Other happenings today:
-I made chocolate chip scones:
-My cat is asleep INSIDE of my blanket
See the hole in my blanket? See her tail?

Sorry it is so off-centered, I took it with photobooth and I haven problems with mirror images.  Just couldn't figure out which way to turn the computer - ha!

-I'm picking up my bridesmaid dress for Sarah's wedding.  Hoping it fits like the one I tried on a month ago =)
-We're going to Owensboro tonight for the weekend!!  I haven't seen the fam in over a MONTH.  That is just plain silly.  I'm especially excited to give Tara her birthday present because it is preshi.  And thoughtful too.  I'm so clever.  


  1. You're birthday card and present will arrive in Murfreesboro while you are gone! Sorry sissy! Happy Birthday!

  2. you know... anna maria horner lives in brentwood tennessee and her address is on the email i get from her website. you should go visit her :) lol