Thursday, March 26, 2009


I took a bunch of my balled yarn and threw it in this cute bowl thing.  I keep the embroidery stuff in there too b/c Anna can't get up there to stab herself with the needle

Here is a close up of what I've done so far!  Tara taught me how to embroider this past weekend (very easy, also I only know one stitch..) 
Tara got me this V for my birthday and I wanted her to see where I stuck it.  Right in front of the toilet.  So everyone is forced to look at it.  Because it is cute.  And shiney.

**note, I am very frustrated with blogger right now because it won't let me upload pictures the way I want to.  So I'm doing multiple random blogs using Picasa.  Why multiple??  Well because the stupid thing will only post like 4 at a time. WHHHHY
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  1. I like your embroidery work- it's cute! Oh and I think kiwis are my new obsession... YUM!