Monday, March 9, 2009

no sewing.....

Sorry (Jaime) that there hasn't been much posting over here. I'm almost finished with this rotation at the hospital and I have a LOT of work to finish. I am currently making a power point about protein. Then have like 10 other things to finish! Sewing has been put on hold-and will probably stay on hold until our wedding thank you's are finished (AHHH...8 months and still not done!) Spring Break is coming at the end of the month and that will probably restart my sewing :) I can't wait!!!!!! Tereza has been showing me all her pretty pretty projects and so has Kourtney and I feel sad when I can't sew.

This weekend Matthew and I went to a WKU baseball game with one of the teachers at his school and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Our noses got sunburnt! And we got to see Chel and Tim and RILEY, their sweet doggie who let's me hold her even though she is 40+ lbs. I miss Bowling Green!

Also, I'm on the job hunt! It's exciting...there are openings in Louisville so say a prayer for that. June=Louisville =)

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