Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Guess what?  I'm going to try and grow some flowers.  I've never officially done this before.  (The time I grew the mini-plants from the Target dollar section does not count.)  (And fifth grade when Tara and I planted gigantic sunflowers in the school garden doesn't count either.)  There is no record of either anyway.  

Here are the goodies.  I've yet to decide when I want to actually sow (I typed sew the seeds.  I don't want to get them started inside because Anna will most definitely get into the soil.  And I don't want them to get bitten by a possible beginning of May frost.  What to do, what to do.

Randomly chose these two flowers.  They're pwetty.  Luckily, after researching online, they are pretty comparable flowers in regards to soil moistness (moistness??), when to plant, life expectancy (ha, such a serious term to use with flowers - just shows how random my brain is), and they both repel insects.  These babies are gonna start in Murfreesboro, and then no telling where they will live the rest of their lives.  Kind of exciting.  

As Tara blogged about earlier, our favorite ice cream is being discontinued.  DISCONTINUED!  Life will never be the same once this stuff is gone.  I am serious.  Ask me, Tara or Jaime.  Pour milk over this ice cream, mix it and it forms these crunchy ice chunks!  Nate calls it ice cream cereal.  I get probably 5 or 6 cups out of each 1/2 gallon.  And I have 6 1/2 gallons left.  That is approx. 32 cups left.  Don't ask how I got 32 - I'm bad at math, and my methods are unexplainable.   Here is proof of my madness: 

I smile every time I go to the frozen section and they have just a few more sitting on the shelf.  Today I bought two of the three left.  The last time I bought all four.  The time before - three.  Do that math.  That is about 10 pounds gained?!?!  Whatev.

Here is something else I found funny yesterday.  This recipe is called "Chicken with Twenty Cloves of Garlic."  #1 GROSS #2 Why not Garlic Chicken??

sorry the picture is sideways. i thought i fixed it

This is what I got in the mail today.  TWO birthday cards!  A tape measure!  $5 to DQ!  Instant Coffee!!  Let me explain.  Tim Kickert broke mine and Tara's tape measure last year doing God knows what.  Can I say God like that??  I mean, only God knows.  It isn't in vain, is it?!?  Either way, he broke it and for my birthday this year, they replaced the tape measure.  Hilarious!  The instant coffee was free from and since I work there I figured I would try it.  Not that I can tell a difference between instant and regular.  Don't tell Howard.  

please don't distribute mine or sarah's address.  i didn't mean to show that. 

On a completely different topic, I made bread today.  Irish Soda Bread to be exact.  Not sure where the Irish or the Soda parts come into play, but it looked yummy so I made it.  I laughed to myself when the butter stacked like this:  

Am I weird?  Here is the goodness before baked:
And After:
Sorry it is blurry.  You get the point though.  I will tell you that I forgot 4 tablespoons of sugar - which made me VERY mad for about 2 minutes.  Then I tasted a piece off the top before it was done baking and it tasted like biscuits.  Ain't nothin wrong with that.  I hope mister Nathan likes it.  He loves bread.  I love bread too.  WE LOVE BREAD!!  Now give me a good bread recipe someone.  I want a loaf bread recipe.  Preferably with whole wheat.  Maybe I'll look that up to make next.  Until then, I'm going to dig the bread mixture that is stuck in my diamond ring out.  GROSS!  


  1. those flowers are beautiful! i hope they grow big and strong. your berfday is coming soon!!!!! :o)

  2. mm this bread looks yumm! If you find a good loaf recipe, I'd love to have it!

  3. Amanda, you are so funny. I love how the butter stacked up and that you took a picture :)
    Also, the bread looked really yummy!
    I love you and I'll see you in one day...YAY!!

  4. I saw someone on Food Network make Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic the other day! Apparently, its a french classic. Either way, that is WAY too much garlic!

  5. Did I tell you how much I love the picture of your freezer? Love it! And we started some seeds yesterday for basil, oregano, parsley and shallots. I hope I don't kill them all!