Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm moving blogs. Blogger is really hard for me to use. I need more self-explanatory websites. WordPress seems to be easier.

This is the new page. Click on over and see what I made today!! YAY!

6 days til the Thomas' arrive! 9 days til we move to Louisville! HOME SWEET HOME!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Does anyone know why my machine might be doing this? I'm free motion quilting and using Coats and Clark white thread. The top thread breaks after a few stipples. It's like it thins out and eventually breaks. I've changed my needle, adjusted the tension up and down (when I adjusted down a #, the bottom threads were super loose), changed to a different type thread, oiled the gears....what is going on? Any other suggestions? I know in free motion quilting the tension should be lowered some- how low do you usually go?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

yippie do da day

This describes my day: watched the birds and played with my cutie cousins.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bad news...

I am about to eat my last cup of country club ice cream ever.   

Thursday, May 7, 2009


If blogging was a game, Tara would win.  Next week I will have all kinds of cool stuff to show you guys.  All because of Tara, of course.  She is going to teach me EVERYTHING she knows about sewing - all in two and a half days!!  Yeah right.  She knows way too much.  

This weekend is going to be busy with family and graduation.  Then Sunday evening Nate leaves for his hike til Thursday.  We haven't spent that much time away from each other in about ten months!!  Yay for marriage, boo for away time.  I'm glad we don't get tired of each other.  I guess thats what 5 years of a long distance relationship will get ya.  

I'm not sure why I just blogged any of that.  I just want to keep up with Tara.  She is beating me at being awesome.  

Another shirt.

How 'bout that french braid?!?!!!!!! I'm so happy my hair is long enough to braid.

And there is our camera- now you know why my pictures are always really dark or blurry...our camera is a little old and the operator isn't all that technologically savvy.

Simplicity 3835 again. I used the 3/4 sleeve and tie thingie instead of elastic short sleeves. I wish you could feel how soft this fabric is. It's not knit, it's woven, but it is as soft as knit. It kinda looks like denim but I promise it doesn't feel that way!

It's obvious that I'm out of my internship. I sew more, therefore I blog more.

Thanks for the recipes, friends =) I love simple recipes.

Simplicity 3835

This pattern is so simple! I finally found it at Wal-Mart for $7. This fabric is from the stash my cousin's grandma gave me. It's sort of seersucker with blue and pink plaid. I'm going to make another one today with some AMH fabric- it will be gorgeous, I'm sure!

If you go to pick out a pattern at the store, remember to check what size you're getting. I got home and saw that I had picked up the 12-14-16-18 size and thought I picked up the wrong one. But I didn't, I wear a 12 in sewing pattern size--- Check your measurements!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sneak peek

This quilt front...and back...I need to buy some batting and then it'll turn into a quilt sandwich to be quilted.... yay

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hey friends. I need some new recipes. I know there are TONS of cooking websites online so I'll look there but what is your favorite meal? Here are just about all the things I cook:

-Chicken Pot Pie
-Brown Rice w/ pork
-Kielbasa pasta
-Tuna Patti's (haha sis)
-White Chili
-Red Chili
-Skillet Chicken
-Taco Soup
-Donna's Chicken (also known as cream of chicken w/ chicken pieces and ritz crackers/poppyseeds)
-Breakfast pizza
-Veggie Bake w/ chicken

Amanda, if you make something often and it's not on this list, tell me what it is.

As you can probably tell, I like to cook things that are really easy and fast and with easy ingredients. We are super burnt out on all of these meals so I need help!

I need to go to the grocery!

Monday, May 4, 2009


This is the quilt....sort of. It's not all sewn together and those are not all the rows. There are 2 more rows of 5 squares. It's hard to match up seams so I've been lolly gagging on finishing it up.

Here is the shirt I made today. I'm undecided on if I like it or not. I didn't use fun cute fabric because I wasn't sure how it would fit and I hate wasting pretty fabric! I guess this is just a little and orange, apples and flowers?! HAHA

This is a great picture taken by moi. haha just kidding. I had to take this sucker in like 3 inches on each side! It was REALLY baggy. Now it is just kinda baggy. I guess it'll make a good maternity shirt in a few years. Or sooner.?

We're moving to Louisville. I don't have a job yet. Waiting to hear back from an interview.

Tell me what you HONESTLY think about this shirt>> I can't figure out how to link so you'll have to copy paste.


see anna's tail in the right corner?!
I'm sure all of you saw my blanket on facebook - but if not, here is the most adorable thing I've ever made.  I am mostly proud that all of this yarn was just sitting around with no future.  And now its all crocheted and pretty in a big granny square.  

Sorry I have abandoned this blog.  A lot happened in the past month and I never really felt like sitting down and messing with blogger (never seems to work right for me..)

Here are the big updates:

-I was less than a mile away from the F-4 tornado that hit Murfreesboro in early April.  Nate and I were at Moe's with our friends Katie and Brien when the bad weather hit.  Luckily, the TV was on the news station and we knew not to leave.  Katie and Brien would've been right across the street from the tornado had they left for their next destination!  I'm pretty sure I saw the storm carrying the tornado, but a building was in the way of me actually seeing the tornado.  That would have been freaky.  

-I didn't get matched for an internship.  I don't want to go into too much detail about this because I'm still a mad about it.  I am NOT looking forward to this whole process again.  I have concluded that I am lacking clinical food service experience and plan on getting a job related to that.  

-Nate and I are moving to Nashville at the end of June.  Lauren Mechetner will be my neighbor(ish).  We will be living in Bellevue.  Our third floor apartment looks over a mini-lake oddly named Shangri-la Lake.  We will have 152 more sq. ft. of living.  And a kitchen half the size of ours now =(  Lots of stuff will be in our storage closet (located off our deck).  I'm planning on setting up a sewing area in the dining room.  Then I will sew a million shirts for myself.  

-Nate graduates this Saturday.  He looks hilarious in his cap and gown.  His hair is longer than mine right now & the cap just makes him look goofy.  But we concluded that no one looks attractive in a graduation cap.  He even told me I wasn't attractive when I graduated.  But I'm not mad about this - its the truth.  

-Nate's big, long, scary hike is next week (may 11-14) and Tara will be visiting me for some of the days.  She is bringing her sewing machine and we are going to make me a shirt.  She is making the same shirt today actually.  Maybe she will blog about it.   I bet she will since she has NOTHING to do with her life.  Except study to become an RD.  Go Tara.

That is all the updating I feel like doing right now.  Jaime - I want to apologize specifically to you because I told you multiple times that I would blog in the past month, and never did.