Wednesday, February 25, 2009


There is something happening at Kroger that will affect the whole entire rest of my life forever and ever and things will never be the same ever as long as I live foreverevereverevereverever. Country Club Ice Cream has a "CLOSEOUT" sticker under the price tag. That means that my VERY FAVORITE ice cream IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is going out of stock. At least in Owensboro. And I'm pretty sure closeout means it's going to be gone at every Kroger. In middle school and high school Amanda and I would come home and eat a cup of ice cream. Then after dinner, we'd eat another cup of ice cream...and we hardly ever gained weight while on this ice cream regimen. I attribute that to Country Club Ice Cream.
Actually, we should've gained weight because ice cream is not healthy and it has saturated fat in it. BUT look, 2 grams of FIBER! AND 2 grams of PROTEIN! I feel like I have to believe that ice cream isn't "empty calories" because it is my favorite food, but really, it's empty calories.

So tonight I bought 2 half gallons. And the next time you're at Kroger you should buy some and then write Kroger product request that Country Club CANNOT be discontinued.


This post is all cat - just so you know, in case you don't like cats (that would be just silly...)
Filli is our friends Seth & Erin's cat.  She looks like mom's cat Snuggles, but with more brown, and more personable.  They come over every Monday night to watch 24 with us, and this Monday we decided Anna and Filli should meet.  
Here is Filli sitting in Anna's carrying bag.  She was busy sniffing everything, while Anna was busy following her - hissing and growling, the little brat.  Filli would have been a fun friend for Anna if she just gave her a chance.  

I liked Filli because she was sneaky and could out-smart Anna.  Here, Filli hid behind the door and swatted at Anna, but Anna couldn't do anything about it. 
Then Filli walked very slow and gingerly past Annabelle
Notice Anna's mean face
Then she hissed and growled and Filli ran away.  
This was our attempt at getting them to play together, but someone wasn't having it.  I compared Anna's behavior to finding out your kid is the bully on the playground. 
Filli snuck up behind
She sniffed her butt real quick and then Anna figured out what was going on 
And hissed her away....
Beautiful Filli! 
no, we were not trying to strangle her. 

 Nate and I decided later on that night that Anna doesn't need to meet any more cats.  Nate is afraid we are going to make her real mad and change her forever.  He heard a story once of someone putting a sock on their cats head (what the heck?!?!?) and the cat was never the same.  Can you blame the cat though?  

Monday, February 23, 2009


Looked over and anna had crawled all up in my crocheted bag - preshi.  Notice I have out my crocheted blanket - this would be because I was showing it off today.  Maybe I'll use it for once.  My toes poke out of the holes and don't get warm though!  

Note that side table there is the least decorated space in the apartment probably.  I'm still struggling with this underline thing (just fixed it, not sure how...)  I know it is because there is a link above the writing, but I don't know how to make it go away.  Tara - help me.  Oh and why when I copy paste something does the writing go down at the bottom of the page OUTSIDE OF THE BOX WHERE I PASTED IT?!??!  

I'm watching Wheel of Fortune (don't judge..) and can someone out in blogland (I mean, out of the 3 people who read this) explain to me why people buy vowels when they clearly can solve the puzzle?  Maybe I am missing the rule that says "the more vowels you buy, the more money you get" because I'm pretty sure vowels cost money.  

Tonight, Anna will meet another cat, face-to-face.  This could mean drama. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I think I am in trouble for not blogging.  Sorry to all those who care =)  I get on the computer and read my google reader, then I feel like I don't have anything neat to say. 

Please excuse the blurry pictures, it is late and there was bad lighting.  I can't work the fancy camera.  I played with all the pictures in photoshop, but I don't know how to work that either.  

Here is a picture of the cutest purse ever.  Tara actually made this beauty.  This picture doesn't do it justice.  Whatever, I like showing it off!

This bag is HUGE.  I mean humongous.  Much bigger than I expected.  When I'm finished with it Tara is going to line it with fabric, so stuff doesn't fall out between the stitches.  I took this picture standing on the box spring of the mattress, hence the blurriness.

Well what a precious kitty!!  She doesn't like the flash, obviously!  She is so long!
Love/Hate relationship with her carrier.  She is loving it here. 

I love when she looks at me with her head down.  I'm going to find her and pet and her tell her I love her.  

Well, I am bored with myself.  And my font keeps underlining.  I can't make it stop.  

ima pellow

When my cousin Maddie was little(er) she used to say "Ima pellow" and who knows what that really means but Amanda and I like to say it. Here is a new pillow I made yesterday. It's a little Springy/Eastery and that is fun!

The fabrics are just from JoAnn's and there isn't really a pattern...just a little log cabin piecing and that's all! The pillow form is from a regular bed pillow cut in half- it works and it's free! The pillow hiding behind it is the other half. I'm going to give that hiding pillow a make-over so I'll show it soon. Nothing major :)

I realized this morning while writing a check for our new Bible Study book that OUR BIRTHDAY IS ONLY 1 MONTH AWAY!!!!!!!!! I love my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's her bday, too, since we are twins and all. Amanda, I wish we could eat ice cream together every day of the week. Or have Chel+ throw us a surprise bday party at do-jo. Even though none of these things will happen, we will have fun in Owensboro celebrating our growing older. Bring ANNA!!!

I've been really wanting to sew lately...especially quilt...but this week I've been so worn out from being at the hospital 40 hours and having school work looming over my head. Three more weeks of Clinicals!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


This is Matthew and I wishing you a lovely Valentines Week...a little late! We had a great time visiting Louisville and Lexington. We really liked the Seminary a whole lot. And we really liked hanging out with the family!

This is my first finished quilt. Matthew is my quilt-lover-helper husband and helped me put the squares it the right spots. He secretly loves quilting (only because it requires a lot of math!!) I quilted around all the yellow squares in the sashing and it is poofy and cute.

Up close it looks like this:
If only I had realized how to make the binding not cut off half of the sashing on all the edge pieces ...... oh well, I know next time! The yellow fabric is from the cutest little quilt shop in Louisville on Old 3rd. The Red geometric is from a shop in Murray. The polka dots are from Hobby Lobby. The brown dots are from JoAnn's. The batting is low loft poly batting and I don't like it. The backing is plain white backing fabric. AAAAnddd the thread is Mercerized Cotton, which I have no idea what that means except I know it is a bit studier than regular thread blends and I don't like to use it for everything.

I went to the NEW Kroger in Owensboro tonight to pick up some cereal for my beloved husband. I always forget about breakfast because I get to eat free at the hospital so I had to make a trip to Kroger to pick up a few things. Cheerios were $1.67 and the Smart Start was $2.67 and one has a mail in rebate!! I'd say that's a good shopping experience. AND KROGER WAS BEAUTIFUL. If we had a lot of money, I would buy from the natural, organic aisle because they are so pretty and healthy.

This picture sums up the highlight of our weekend. While we were eating at Wines on Vine, Jaime noticed a ceramic lamb purse sitting on the table behind us. The lady really had lipstick and other things in this purse! It was amazing. Jaime walked past her while leaving the restroom and got to see it in action. She reported back that it was just as funny up close.
This is mom's attempt to get a good picture of the purse. I think it worked. You can tell I don't use fancy smancy picture editing programs. Paint is the easiest thing for me...and I think it's the only thing on our computer. Maybe someday I'll use something else but probably not.
Here is a picture of all the Lynn West Women.

Taco Soup:YUMMY!!!! That's what we ate for dinner tonight. It sat for 4 hours in the crock pot while we were at church, then I let it simmer in the stock pot until Matthew got home. Here is the recipe:
2 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans of diced tomatoes with green chilis
1 packet dry Ranch Dressing
1 packet of taco seasoning (or some Wildtree taco seasoning that Jenn sells)
2 cans black beans
1 can yellow corn
3 cooked and pulled chicken breasts

Put all ingredients in crock pot, cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 6-8 hours. Or put it all in a stock pot for an hour. Serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, and chips. And water.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog name explanation

Our older sister Jaime helped us realized that maybe our blog title doesn't make sense exactly. I'll explain real quick before we eat dinner....

if you crochet sew = "if you croSAY SO" like "if you say so"

Maybe it's silly but for realz, we thought about this blog name for a long time and one day we had an emergency skype talk and determined this name. Amanda crochets, Tara sews. We can probably cross-craft (a new term for everyone) and switch duties but I gave all the yarn to Amanda and she let me have all the sewing things when we parted ways.

There ya go.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Title block.  That is what I'm going to call what just happened and what I'm sure will happen quite often.  I saw a blog once that used the blog number as a title.  Perhaps I will do just that! 

So a reason I wanted to start this blog is because I think it will be fun to look back and see what I did a year ago.  I always wished I would've kept a diary growing up.  I know that I will never be able to sit down and write what my day was like, but I can blog about it!  Here are a few thoughts about this blog:

-please ignore all grammar 
-I'm going to try to capitalize like a grown up 
-and try not to use a ton of ellipses (... <---just had an urge to do it one last time)
-beware of kitty overload

Anyways, today was a huge relief - I mailed all my internship applications off to their destinations!!  The cashier man at the post office probably thought I was a little crazy.  I just stood there smiling and nervously fiddling my fingers.  Little did he know, I had just handed him what will determine the next year of my life.  

I will write more tomorrow and include pictures of various things (yannbanna (da cat), crochet projects, etc.)  Until then, I leave you with this.  MIA (rapper chick) at the grammys.  When I am pregnant, I will be as cool as her.  I vow this.

I guess I need to figure out how to put a video on a blog. I'll save that for another day =)


There is a wind storm.....again. Power is going out in Owensboro.....again. Our power is still on but I won't be surprised if it goes off! Here is a picture where you can't tell the wind is blowing at all and you can see raindrops on the window. I'm obviously not a picture taker/photographer/whatever.

Two night ago, Matthew and I discovered a moldy coffee filter in the coffee maker. It was from November. It is February. So we ran vinegar through the machine (yahoo answers suggestion) and smelled the whole house up. Then I ran 3 cycles of water through. Hopefully the mold and vinegar smell is out!!!!

Also, I'm sewing something. I could've had it finished in like 2 hours but I like to extend my projects out unnecessarily too long. It's a storage box thingy from Anna Maria Horner's "Seams to Me" book.
That's AMH's beautiful box. Her seams are actually on the corners unlike mine :)
I haven't put in the interfacing to make it sturdy yet but you can probably tell the un-even-ness of it. I love this fabric. I can't decide if Amanda needs this or if I need it. I think I need it.

This weekend we are going to visit Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where Matthew is probably going to be studying Christian Education for the next 3 years. We hope all goes well! We get to stay on campus Thursday night which is going to be like staying in a hotel, which we love! We hope we have cable to watch!! Then we're going to celebrate Valentine's with older sister Jaime in Lexington. Yummy pizza, decorating, dinner, UK probably losing =) it's going to be great. And I get to see Amanda.and Annabelle (who is featured in the header up there.) YAY!!!!!!!! And my mother...who I miss at random times...actually...always.

Amanda.....reveal yourself!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to blog alone =(

BTW: I don't know if blogger has spell check. Probably not. I apologize.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Blog!

Hey there!

We have been contemplating this blog-thing for a while now! There are two of us, Amanda and Tara, and we are twins. But most of you reading probably know that. We live in different states and we want to share our crafts with each other through the blog-world. Let's start with the Food Guide Pyramid...I guess it can be considered a craft :)