Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend + pictures

We had a fun b-day weekend. At Bible Study on Sunday night I got to wear a mask and birthday cone hat. This made me very happy =)

Amanda painted me pretty pictures. She has one at home like this and I think one time I told her I wanted it.

Mom got this cutie little basket from Target, it's Orla Kiely.and it's preshi.

Sweet Becky Wells randomly sent me fabric! When I got the mail I opened it immediately and talked non-stop for ~30 minutes about how sweet it was for someone to randomly send me fabric!

Tereza provided me with some embroidery supplies so I got to work....Matthew helped!! HAHA. The LONG needle is right in the middle...can you see it? Embroidery is so relaxing and easy!
And that's it for pictures tonight! I feel like sewing tonight but as I look at the sink full of dishes I know that I probably won't do anything. I did find a really cute quilt pattern today (ZIG ZAG QUILT) and the lovely thing is that there is no triangle piecing!! Not that I'm scared to triangle piece, but I like the basics, ya know?! I want to cut into the fabric I got for Christmas....I'm so lame, I've only cut out just a teenytiny bit of 15 yards of fabric! That's how scared I am to cut into yardage. It can't be explained, just a weird thing some people experience!

Matt just called me and when he gets home we are going to eat leftover ICE CREAM CAKE. Diddlydooo I can't wait!!!


  1. who is this becky wells person and how can i be friends with her so she will send ME fabric too?! lol happy happy birthday to both of you... and I want to learn how to hand embroider... TEACH ME :)

  2. and P.S.... Amanda you are suuuuuuch a good painter.... Tulips are my favorites.... I'm jealous Tara....