Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RD Day

I'm an intern in dietetics. Tomorrow is RD Day. I felt like I should thank the RD's who have taught me so much so I made brownies and cards =) Amanda wants to see and I'm sure you do too....
Some are colored with crayons and markers, others have sewn words. So professional, I know!
I made Matthew a Valentine's Day card back in February. He was super impressed-what a sweetie.
We rearranged our bedroom. It's purdy
Matt and I went on a walk tomorrow and we saw DAFFODILS. It's almost spring :)


  1. You are wishful thinking about daffodils tomorrow, or did you mean "today"? :)

  2. You are so sweet to make those cards for the RD's!

  3. I meant to say "today" hahahhahahaha i've laughed about this numerous times today