Monday, March 2, 2009


Happy March!!  It's mine and Tara's birthmonth.  We LOVE our birthday.  You will soon find this out if you didn't already know.  
I took a picture of all the dishes I hand washed the other day.  We had a ridiculous amount of dishes - I blame it on the huge scratch Anna gave me on my palm.  Such a weird place to get scratched.  Oh, how about a picture of the scratch real quick?  That chick is crazy. 
Evidence of the at least 45 minute dishwashing session. 

A couple nights ago we got SNOW!  How did I not know we were to get a few inches?  What a nice surprise =)  Some people (TARA) don't like snow.  That would be because she is hogging all the snow.  Thanks for the snow, T.
Before I went outside to take a few pictures, I had to get one of Anna being all cute in her carrier.  She is asleep there right now, actually.  
* note: i put the toy there
Here is our parking lot.  I'm thinking the wind blew a lot of snow over our way b/c the other side of the parking lot looks a bit naked compared to our side.  
By the end of the day I counted at least 10 snowmen hanging around the complex.  

Nate bought me the Crochet Today magazine for my birthday (a bit early =)  There is a pattern in there for little scrubbies.  I decided I didn't want to use cotton yarn and actually use them to do dishes - I wanted to decorate with them!  I don't like the orange or yellow circles much, but I do LOVE the navy and teal ones.  
I think they look cute on the wall.  I kind of like a bit of clutter. 

HEre is what they look like in the magazine.  I wish I had those colors. 

I've decided to finally crochet a sweater for myself.  I had some of this gray cotton from a while ago - can't remember why I bought it actually.   I found this box of crayons in the desk today.  Got them from the Veneman's in my stocking!  I love the little box - I want to repurpose it so I see it more often.   Or maybe I'll just start coloring?

Here is a link to the actual pattern - if you're curious.  

That is all I'll share for now - it is lunch time and my belly is growling!  I made baked rigatoni last night.  Its real easy - 1 lb. beef/turkey, 16 oz rigatoni, 28 oz jar of pasta sauce, 8 oz cream cheese, 2 cups mozzarella cheese.  Mix meat and sauce.  Layer in 9x13 pan - noodles, dime size dollops of cream cheese, meat sauce, mozzarella.  I did 2 layers of each.  Bake in 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes.   

Ok now - lunchtime. 


  1. Amanda, you made a "your" "you're" error.

    I LOVE THAT SWEATER>I'm going to need well as a scrubbie/decorative circle thingie. I'm planning on making a mini wall quilt for fun. I want to applique on circles.

  2. I like that sweater too!!!! I'm glad you all read my blog :) and I'm even gladder (lol... that's totally not a word...) that since we all sew and crochet and craft and stuff that we are all back in touch!!! I feel like I'm right there with you all sometimes :)

    Amanda--I had a crochet pattern one time that used an actual dish scrubbie and you crocheted into it and used the scrubbie as the center and you crochet petals onto it so it looks like a flower. I started to do it, but it was kinda hard so I quit lol. That's the link to it. Although I don't recommend it.... lol

    And Tara... I'm so excited to make the birdie sling. And you're right about all the bulk. I bought some extra needles for my sewing machine this week. My mom kicked me off her sewing machine so I had to set my own up in the other room. Her sewing machine is electronic and computerized and it broke needles like crazy. But mine has done good so far. But it keeps bunching the bobbin thread up. I think I'm going to have to go have it serviced since it was a hand me down...

  3. T- I fixed the your-you're error. When I wrote that sentence I kept messing up and then when I would delete I would accidentally hit the = button and that was frustrating. I just re-read my post and noticed. Then read the comments and you noticed first. Just wanted you to know that I'm not an idiot. I'm really not!

    Kourtney - The scrubbie is cute & I can totally see where it was difficult. I've never tried any lace stuff - I like when I can see progress and I would assume you didn't see much progress with that!

  4. I would also like a scrubbie thing. Can it match my kitchen?

    AnnaB is the cutest little stinker cat ever. Sorry about your scratch. You will wind up with many of those.

  5. How come you didnt use your dishwasher? And I want some of those scrubbie things too!

  6. Who is 502buncobabes? Mom? And I have a client that I showed your blog to (this little cute old couple that lives out in the country in Paris, KY and sells country hams and lawnmowers). Anyways, she has some of those scrubbies that are made with crinoline or something, not cotton and she wanted to know if you could make her some. She said she'd buy them from you! I'll ask her tomorrow what the material really is.