Sunday, February 22, 2009

ima pellow

When my cousin Maddie was little(er) she used to say "Ima pellow" and who knows what that really means but Amanda and I like to say it. Here is a new pillow I made yesterday. It's a little Springy/Eastery and that is fun!

The fabrics are just from JoAnn's and there isn't really a pattern...just a little log cabin piecing and that's all! The pillow form is from a regular bed pillow cut in half- it works and it's free! The pillow hiding behind it is the other half. I'm going to give that hiding pillow a make-over so I'll show it soon. Nothing major :)

I realized this morning while writing a check for our new Bible Study book that OUR BIRTHDAY IS ONLY 1 MONTH AWAY!!!!!!!!! I love my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's her bday, too, since we are twins and all. Amanda, I wish we could eat ice cream together every day of the week. Or have Chel+ throw us a surprise bday party at do-jo. Even though none of these things will happen, we will have fun in Owensboro celebrating our growing older. Bring ANNA!!!

I've been really wanting to sew lately...especially quilt...but this week I've been so worn out from being at the hospital 40 hours and having school work looming over my head. Three more weeks of Clinicals!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye bye =)

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  1. where are you going to put the pillow? its cuuuute. i like the top yellow fabric. and the cream with flowers. (very familiar to me :o) manda- your glasses look like mka glasses :o)
    love yall. your berfday is soon!!!!!!!!! if i don't get you a present then i'll tell you what i would get you. i already have it in my head. just never know if it'll come outa my head.