Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This post is all cat - just so you know, in case you don't like cats (that would be just silly...)
Filli is our friends Seth & Erin's cat.  She looks like mom's cat Snuggles, but with more brown, and more personable.  They come over every Monday night to watch 24 with us, and this Monday we decided Anna and Filli should meet.  
Here is Filli sitting in Anna's carrying bag.  She was busy sniffing everything, while Anna was busy following her - hissing and growling, the little brat.  Filli would have been a fun friend for Anna if she just gave her a chance.  

I liked Filli because she was sneaky and could out-smart Anna.  Here, Filli hid behind the door and swatted at Anna, but Anna couldn't do anything about it. 
Then Filli walked very slow and gingerly past Annabelle
Notice Anna's mean face
Then she hissed and growled and Filli ran away.  
This was our attempt at getting them to play together, but someone wasn't having it.  I compared Anna's behavior to finding out your kid is the bully on the playground. 
Filli snuck up behind
She sniffed her butt real quick and then Anna figured out what was going on 
And hissed her away....
Beautiful Filli! 
no, we were not trying to strangle her. 

 Nate and I decided later on that night that Anna doesn't need to meet any more cats.  Nate is afraid we are going to make her real mad and change her forever.  He heard a story once of someone putting a sock on their cats head (what the heck?!?!?) and the cat was never the same.  Can you blame the cat though?  

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  1. Love the play by play!! I wonder what Morgan would do???? When we brought her to Jeremy and Emily's to meet her birth sister, she hid under the couch for hours and didn't come out. But her sister, Josie, is a biter and an attacker so Morgan was prob really scared!.
    Speaking of being mean to a cat and making them mean.... when I was little I would go over to Amanda Swann's house and we would torture her cat, Dreamie. We loved taping his legs together 2x2 and watching him hobble away. We thought it was hysterical. No wonder he hated us both. haha