Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog name explanation

Our older sister Jaime helped us realized that maybe our blog title doesn't make sense exactly. I'll explain real quick before we eat dinner....

if you crochet sew = "if you croSAY SO" like "if you say so"

Maybe it's silly but for realz, we thought about this blog name for a long time and one day we had an emergency skype talk and determined this name. Amanda crochets, Tara sews. We can probably cross-craft (a new term for everyone) and switch duties but I gave all the yarn to Amanda and she let me have all the sewing things when we parted ways.

There ya go.


  1. Thank you for not referring to me as your dumb big sister! It makes so much sense now! DUH JAIME!!!!

  2. i would've never guessed that. i thought it meant: if you crochet, SO. like so what.

  3. Me too Tereza! Or "if you crochet OR sew". Ha. We aren't too clever!