Wednesday, February 11, 2009


There is a wind storm.....again. Power is going out in Owensboro.....again. Our power is still on but I won't be surprised if it goes off! Here is a picture where you can't tell the wind is blowing at all and you can see raindrops on the window. I'm obviously not a picture taker/photographer/whatever.

Two night ago, Matthew and I discovered a moldy coffee filter in the coffee maker. It was from November. It is February. So we ran vinegar through the machine (yahoo answers suggestion) and smelled the whole house up. Then I ran 3 cycles of water through. Hopefully the mold and vinegar smell is out!!!!

Also, I'm sewing something. I could've had it finished in like 2 hours but I like to extend my projects out unnecessarily too long. It's a storage box thingy from Anna Maria Horner's "Seams to Me" book.
That's AMH's beautiful box. Her seams are actually on the corners unlike mine :)
I haven't put in the interfacing to make it sturdy yet but you can probably tell the un-even-ness of it. I love this fabric. I can't decide if Amanda needs this or if I need it. I think I need it.

This weekend we are going to visit Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where Matthew is probably going to be studying Christian Education for the next 3 years. We hope all goes well! We get to stay on campus Thursday night which is going to be like staying in a hotel, which we love! We hope we have cable to watch!! Then we're going to celebrate Valentine's with older sister Jaime in Lexington. Yummy pizza, decorating, dinner, UK probably losing =) it's going to be great. And I get to see Amanda.and Annabelle (who is featured in the header up there.) YAY!!!!!!!! And my mother...who I miss at random times...actually...always.

Amanda.....reveal yourself!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to blog alone =(

BTW: I don't know if blogger has spell check. Probably not. I apologize.


  1. I NEED THAT BOX!!! HOW CUTE!!!!! Tara, pwease pweeeease let me have it!! You know you want to make yourself one that is more perfect and just let me have to lopsided one

  2. I need one too! We can decide the fabric this weekend and where I'll put it! :-) And UK is not going to lose! And if they do, I will be in trouble for cussing in front of the Theological Seminary student and my mother! Haha! ANNABELLE IS COMING! IS SHE COMING TO LEXINGTON????!??!?!?!?