Monday, February 23, 2009


Looked over and anna had crawled all up in my crocheted bag - preshi.  Notice I have out my crocheted blanket - this would be because I was showing it off today.  Maybe I'll use it for once.  My toes poke out of the holes and don't get warm though!  

Note that side table there is the least decorated space in the apartment probably.  I'm still struggling with this underline thing (just fixed it, not sure how...)  I know it is because there is a link above the writing, but I don't know how to make it go away.  Tara - help me.  Oh and why when I copy paste something does the writing go down at the bottom of the page OUTSIDE OF THE BOX WHERE I PASTED IT?!??!  

I'm watching Wheel of Fortune (don't judge..) and can someone out in blogland (I mean, out of the 3 people who read this) explain to me why people buy vowels when they clearly can solve the puzzle?  Maybe I am missing the rule that says "the more vowels you buy, the more money you get" because I'm pretty sure vowels cost money.  

Tonight, Anna will meet another cat, face-to-face.  This could mean drama. 

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  1. About copy/pasting, I have the same issue. I also don't know how to put links on there. UGH.

    About the blanket, you found the downfall of granny squares.

    About WOF, I have ALWAYS wondered the same thing! Idiots. I could so win that game.