Thursday, May 7, 2009


If blogging was a game, Tara would win.  Next week I will have all kinds of cool stuff to show you guys.  All because of Tara, of course.  She is going to teach me EVERYTHING she knows about sewing - all in two and a half days!!  Yeah right.  She knows way too much.  

This weekend is going to be busy with family and graduation.  Then Sunday evening Nate leaves for his hike til Thursday.  We haven't spent that much time away from each other in about ten months!!  Yay for marriage, boo for away time.  I'm glad we don't get tired of each other.  I guess thats what 5 years of a long distance relationship will get ya.  

I'm not sure why I just blogged any of that.  I just want to keep up with Tara.  She is beating me at being awesome.  


  1. Amanda, what is "meow" code for? I see this all the time from you!

    Congrats to Nate and tell him to be careful on his hike. Where is the hike and will he take his cell phone?

  2. meow is code for - i can't think of anything and that is what i type.

    Nate's hike is in TN and NC I think. They were going to do some of the Appalachian Trail but the campsites were booked, so now they are starting there and cutting off onto some other trail. I'm not real sure. I don't ask questions. I just tell him to stay away from bears.