Monday, May 4, 2009


see anna's tail in the right corner?!
I'm sure all of you saw my blanket on facebook - but if not, here is the most adorable thing I've ever made.  I am mostly proud that all of this yarn was just sitting around with no future.  And now its all crocheted and pretty in a big granny square.  

Sorry I have abandoned this blog.  A lot happened in the past month and I never really felt like sitting down and messing with blogger (never seems to work right for me..)

Here are the big updates:

-I was less than a mile away from the F-4 tornado that hit Murfreesboro in early April.  Nate and I were at Moe's with our friends Katie and Brien when the bad weather hit.  Luckily, the TV was on the news station and we knew not to leave.  Katie and Brien would've been right across the street from the tornado had they left for their next destination!  I'm pretty sure I saw the storm carrying the tornado, but a building was in the way of me actually seeing the tornado.  That would have been freaky.  

-I didn't get matched for an internship.  I don't want to go into too much detail about this because I'm still a mad about it.  I am NOT looking forward to this whole process again.  I have concluded that I am lacking clinical food service experience and plan on getting a job related to that.  

-Nate and I are moving to Nashville at the end of June.  Lauren Mechetner will be my neighbor(ish).  We will be living in Bellevue.  Our third floor apartment looks over a mini-lake oddly named Shangri-la Lake.  We will have 152 more sq. ft. of living.  And a kitchen half the size of ours now =(  Lots of stuff will be in our storage closet (located off our deck).  I'm planning on setting up a sewing area in the dining room.  Then I will sew a million shirts for myself.  

-Nate graduates this Saturday.  He looks hilarious in his cap and gown.  His hair is longer than mine right now & the cap just makes him look goofy.  But we concluded that no one looks attractive in a graduation cap.  He even told me I wasn't attractive when I graduated.  But I'm not mad about this - its the truth.  

-Nate's big, long, scary hike is next week (may 11-14) and Tara will be visiting me for some of the days.  She is bringing her sewing machine and we are going to make me a shirt.  She is making the same shirt today actually.  Maybe she will blog about it.   I bet she will since she has NOTHING to do with her life.  Except study to become an RD.  Go Tara.

That is all the updating I feel like doing right now.  Jaime - I want to apologize specifically to you because I told you multiple times that I would blog in the past month, and never did.  

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  1. what a cute afghan?! let me know how that shirt turns out.. I want to be as crafty as you guys