Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sewing Updates

Matthew requested an Easter bow I traced his black bow tie (on the bias) onto this pretty polka dot pastel fabric and made him one! I'm not very fond of bow ties but every once in a while is OK, especially since it was by request!

I made this dress about a year and a half ago. I remember the day I made it- I was home alone at the Roadhouse almost all day. All my stuff was spread out on the kitchen table and I finished in once whole day. I thought that was pretty impressive since I had just learned how to read patterns! When I made it, it was a little too big. After getting fits =) It was always a really weird length so last night I added an extra hem.
It is preshi.
While hemming, I fell in love with this:
It is a narrow hem foot. It's a little tricky to use getting started but once you get the hang of it, it makes a narrow hem all without ironing!! That is a dream come true!!

This is the quilt-in-progress. Who knows if it'll turn out pretty in the end!! I sure hope so.

Here is a peek of the ginormous amount of fabric I inherited from my cousins grandma. This is a really large wheel of ~4 inch wide fabric. I honestly don't know when I'll use it but it is pretty amazing!!

And that is all for now. I haven't been sewing much lately but I will start back up soon! 3 more weeks left of my internship and then a month of studying for the RD exam and packing up the apartment. There will be plenty of time to sew!


  1. I LOVE the green dress now! Love it! I think it would have fit me all along! ;-) Take a pic of Matt wearing the bow tie please! Did you wear the green dress for Easter? Happy Easter baby sister!

  2. I LOVE that dress... did u make it from a pattern?? And you should most definitley use that rolled up fabric for quilt binding. It would be thick binding and it would be awesome!!

  3. love the dress and bow tie!! AND YAHOOOOO for the apartment at southern! how exciting!!