Friday, April 3, 2009


This is going to be a picture-less post. I'm sorry. Pictures will come later!

1) I have all the pieces cut out for the quilt. It went by really fast. I used to think I hated cutting out fabrics in such a mass quantity but it wasn't too bad. I would try to explain how I'm making the quilt but we can wait for pictures to do the talking. You know that feeling when you're making something big and you're worried it's not going to turn out the way you want it to? That's how I feel right now about this thing. I think it's gonna work....I hope it does! This is a big ol' quilt: 80"x96". Grandma Faye (my cousin Jen's grandma) gave me a TON of fabric and a lot of it made it's way to this quilt- that's special =)

2) I ate battered fish filets today. (battered, not fried...haha) Matt said he was craving them after smelling Wednesday night dinner at church. They were DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

3) At 3:30pm, I'm leaving to meet Amanda in TN to go see Hanson in Nashville. We're really hoping all the whack-o crazy annoying Hanson fans won't show up. That used to be us in 5th grade but we're over it!

4) Tereza always cooks with fresh broccoli and I never did. Last week I bought some and loved it so so so verryyy much. Thanks TJreza for the inspiration.

5) I lost my flash drive. Not a good thing since it's the end of my internship and I NEED IT.

6) I have an interview on Wednesday in Louisville.

7) Only 4 more weeks until my internship is over!!! May 1 =)

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  1. hiiiiiiii mandatara! this is the first time ive checked out your blog because i did not know about it until the matthewtarathomas email went out. howw cuuute! tara, congrats on the interview! let us know how it goes. manda, i like that blanket a LOOOTT. you two must teach me these things!! love and miss you bunches. <3 slr